Lehigh Valley
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What  About . . . ?
Instruments -    Bring your own, borrow one from the school or a friend/relative, or rent one from a local music store (Nazareth Music, Montero Music,  and West End are some local options).  We will try to provide some of the larger percussion instruments, but SummerBand has no instruments of its own for use.
Vacations - What is summer for, if not for a break?  SummerBand is designed for you to miss up to two rehearsals and still learn the music.  All participants sign the PLEDGE to attend 7 of the 9 rehearsals at the first meeting.  Take your time off whenever you need.  More than two absences may require playing for the Director before performing in the concert.
Stands -  Please bring your own stand.  If you don't have one, any of the music stores listed above have them for sale at a reasonable price.
Cost - A $20 registration fee is required for all participants, to help defray the cost of rehearsal space and to cover the rental cost of extra percussion equipment.  Payment is due at the first rehearsal, or you can mail it in with your registration.
Music -  Music, music folders and pencils will be provided.  We borrow music from the East Penn School District and the Municipal Band of Allentown.  The music must be returned after the final concert, or at your last practice, if you are not participating in the concert.  The pencil and folder are yours to keep, if you wish.
Rehearsal location - The rehearsals and the concert are held at Concordia Lutheran Church, 2623 Brookside Road, in Macungie, PA.  Although SummerBand is not affiliated with any church denomination, we are grateful for Concordia's generosity in hosting our group.